Thursday, 19 May 2011

Theme 5

I thought it would be fun for the next theme if we used this Videogame Name Generator. For those that don't know, it mixes words to create very amusing and imaginative titles.
So maybe we could use it (individually) and draw something from it.

For example, "Johnny Turbo's Hippo World" or "Generic Barbarian - 3rd Strike".
Just keep clicking on "Make me another name!" until you find one you like. (The sillier the better)


  1. What kinda thing would it be, like a front cover or an in-game image? What's everyone else thinking? :) x

  2. Both are good ideas! Or even a lineup of characters and enemies, with little descriptions, like in the wee game booklets (I always used to wonder why they provided the blood type of the Street Fighter characters in their booklet...) Or even some animation. Anything goes! =D