Monday, 9 May 2011

Theme 4

Pick a book (fiction being preferable) and draw an environment from it.

(eg. The Lord of the Rings -> Rivendell or Harry Potter -> Dumbledore's office)

There can be characters in it if you like, but they should be secondary to their surroundings.

Don't be afraid to use films or existing illustrations etc.  for reference and inspiration, but try to make it your own vision. (It would also be cool if you did use any sort of reference to feature it in your submission post!)

Deadline for this one is May 22nd (roughly - we remain easy-going in regards to deadlines ^_^ )


  1. I've been trying to draw environment concepts for our film and it's so bloody difficult. From the perspective and architecture, down to the natural lighting.

    Still give it a whack though :D

  2. Yeah, the idea for this came up probably because of me complaining to Tom that I'm crap at bgs/environments, and that's because I don't draw them! I've been looking at tutorials and trying to practice... they're haaaaaard, but I must persevere!

  3. Will you forgive me if the environment isnt related to a book? I really havent read any fictional books recently apart from the tiger who came to tea lol.