Saturday, 7 May 2011

Kieran - Futuristic - Superhero

Meet Lens McFlare and his faithful companion, Grossibot.

Kieran Duncan was your average after effects obsessed animator boy, working long into the night rendering on his laptop. After an accident involving Irn Bru and curry spilling on his laptop during his later AE adventure, Kieran found himself fused with the laptop and transported thousands of years into the future. With his ability to shoot lens flares from his chest and travel speeds any motion blur would be jealous of, our hero LENS McFLARE is born!
Of course, our hero was lonely thousands of years in the future without a certain flatmate, so he made a companion robot to help him fight crime called Grossibot, modeled accurately to resemble his friend he left behind. Together our two heroes combat darkness, blinding all that is evil with his epic lens flares.


  1. Yes, Grossibot is so cool!

  2. I want a Grossibot action figure.

  3. Haha this is awesome kat! I agree, you should make grossibot toys lol