Sunday, 15 May 2011

Lynsey - Super Villain - Fantasy

Apologies for this being about a month late, between having no A3 scanner and Blogger being down I felt like I would never get it up (WEEEEY).  So yes, Lynsey - Super Villain - Fantasy.  Fantasy was a difficult one.  I kinda went half fantasy fantasy, with the horns and moon and such, and male fantasy with the sexy Super Villain comic book-esque super suit.  Also, as a Super Villain I felt she needed her signature 'critic' pose.  I have not a name for her though, any suggestions? 

Hope you like it Lynsey :) x


  1. Looking at it on my computer it looks really dark! I swear it wasn't that dark when I coloured it on the macs at school :S x

  2. Flying chair powers, unusual but effective!