Friday, 29 April 2011

Fan art Fridays

How about it? Every Friday, some fan art of any kind, from anywhere.

I know we've all had hand-ins, and the last thing we want to do is pile on extra work. But we need to keep it up. It's been over 2 weeks since the last theme, and the new one isn't decided yet. I don't want to let this die before it's really began.

So, the fortnightly theme is still on, but with added fan art content.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Theme 3: Out of a Hat

We put our names in a metaphorical hat, along with a random assortment of subjects, and had to draw each other with the themes applied. This is not due tomorrow, considering how this blog does not impose deadlines

Theme 4, which does begin tomorrow, will be something environment oriented, rather than character.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Different types of Kat

Age 10:
 I was constantly hyper and wore pink sometimes. Oh dear. I also received my first ever copy of Pokémon blue which would be the only game I would end up playing non stop for a very long time. I was obsessed with Pokémon and often drew comics about going on adventures with my Pokémon buddies.

Age 15: Halfway through high school.. I was that awkward teenager and quite chubby. I felt self conscious and unhappy (with those generic moments of happiness inbetween) and was one of those teenagers that'd go straight home and sit on the computer for endless hours. I also discovered photoshop and it's joys as well as read manga and watched craploads of cartoons, ate lots of junk food and generally was waddling through life, hopelessly acting like a fool and writing really bad stories.

Age 18: Started Uni. Even though I had shed most of the fur and the fleas, I still had a bit of that puppy fat on me D: I didn't have the best choice in clothing and I learnt so much from moving away from home. However I didn't learn about better dress sense until about now really..

Age 20: This is me now. Still unusual, still like some of the things I did when I was younger and doing a course I love :D but I still act like a complete kid.. and I've started using rucksacks again. I definitely have better clothes sense than I did before. I also don't wear glasses anymore, which was a big thing for me. Also manage to shed most of the puppy fat. Thank goodness. Student lifestyle has served me well.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kieran's Adolescence

Age 12: The Victim...
Age 17: The Rebel!
Age 21: The Reasonably Well Adjusted Young Man.


Age 5 - 8: I really MISS this stage. I was fit and healthy and very freckly. My hair was wild. My shoes lit up. My knees were scraped. That was the LIFE. I was also confident to the point of cocky - shyness was an affliction for other people as far as I was concerned. Also, I included here the result of me trying to cut my own fringe the night before school pictures with serrated scissors. Good times.

Age 12 - 14: Where did the cute me go? I was a right wee torn-face. My grey Vans were my prized item of clothing, with my baggy jeans coming a close second. Baggy shirts a must, preferably navy blue. I desperately wanted poker-straight hair, but a combination of bad hand-me-down straighteners, my lack of patientence/expertise and, oh yes, naturally curly hair resulted in a bit of a mess. The only feminine thing I did was wear eye make up - black eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara. In copious amounts. My dad called me Chi Chi (after the panda). I stayed indoors most of the time, so was pale and spotty and pretty chubby. Very shy, quiet, withdrawn and moody. Not my best years.

Age 16-18: I was a bit happier, but not much. Still waiting to lose the puppy fat. Making attempts to look girlier. Cut all my long hair off, after the misguided belief that shorter hair was less fuss (for me, it isn't!). I wore what I know think was too much make up (foundation, bright green eyeshadow, blusher, etc.) I was still quite shy, but getting better.

Now (nearly 21): Animation student time! I think apart from my youngest stage here, I'm at my happiest and most content with life. I'm also starting to look a bit more like I did when I was younger (well, i think so anyway). Not much else to say =)

A brief history of Paxtonia

This challenge was... well... challenging. Turns out I'm very boring and almost never change. I've been wearing baggy T-shirts, cargo trousers and hillwalking boots since I was about 14. I've dredged up the past anyway though.

Age 9: The 'lovable scamp' phase. I've always been a 'function over fashion' kind of guy, but when I was young this mantra was taken to something of an extreme. I spent most of my time in garishly coloured jogging bottoms and strange, bright T-shirts. My excuse is that it was the 90s and that this kind of thing was practically encouraged. At 9 I was quiet and shy, but confident that when I hit ten I was going to receive my starter Pokémon from Professor Oak, leave Midgar, and travel across wonderful lands battling everyone and everything before saving The Planet from the evil clutches of either Sephiroth or the Elite Four, I forget which.

Age 15: The 'accidental goth' phase. Disillusioned by a complete absence of the fantastical adventures I'd hoped for as a child, I had grown into a depressing cliché of a teenager. I grew my hair because I didn't like hairdressers, and got a pair of steel-toe-capped boots for a school trip where sturdy footwear was required. Like I said before, I've always picked clothes that were comfortable over any kind of aesthetic reasoning, and it just so happened that at this time, the comfiest clothes I owned were pretty much all black. Then I wondered why all the neds picked on me for being a goth. I guess I was too busy writing 'witty' blog posts on my msn space and being ignored by girls to notice what I'd done to myself...

Age 21: Present day, although my current look is not particularly new. I still regularly wear some of the clothes I was wearing when I was 17... I now always carry my rucksack with me, which is big enough to go on holiday for a week with, but usually is just filled with sketchbooks and art materials. This, combined with spending my days hunched over a light box, has left me with a posture even poorer than it was in my youth. I'm fairly confident that by the time I'm thirty I'll be curled round into myself, and I'll just roll everywhere like Sonic the hedgehog.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Gane Stages

Age 7: I was young, brash, and foolish. I liked Football. I also collected girly trinkets like necklaces and key rings (but fortunately never wore either)
This was the most confident I would ever be, to the point of cockiness. Fortunately, my pituitary gland soon snuffed out all the self esteem I had.

I also had a talking football sidekick. He was my umbro.

Age 13: Addiction to mmorpg legend of mir successfully vanquishes talking football, exercise and social life. Also, acne. Pale and dark haired due to lack of sun. Hair gelled in a desperate attempt to raise attractiveness. Then, Anime Phase.

Age 23: Cannot wear anything that isn't blue. Shoes replaced once every 3 years at the earliest.