Thursday, 14 April 2011


Age 5 - 8: I really MISS this stage. I was fit and healthy and very freckly. My hair was wild. My shoes lit up. My knees were scraped. That was the LIFE. I was also confident to the point of cocky - shyness was an affliction for other people as far as I was concerned. Also, I included here the result of me trying to cut my own fringe the night before school pictures with serrated scissors. Good times.

Age 12 - 14: Where did the cute me go? I was a right wee torn-face. My grey Vans were my prized item of clothing, with my baggy jeans coming a close second. Baggy shirts a must, preferably navy blue. I desperately wanted poker-straight hair, but a combination of bad hand-me-down straighteners, my lack of patientence/expertise and, oh yes, naturally curly hair resulted in a bit of a mess. The only feminine thing I did was wear eye make up - black eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara. In copious amounts. My dad called me Chi Chi (after the panda). I stayed indoors most of the time, so was pale and spotty and pretty chubby. Very shy, quiet, withdrawn and moody. Not my best years.

Age 16-18: I was a bit happier, but not much. Still waiting to lose the puppy fat. Making attempts to look girlier. Cut all my long hair off, after the misguided belief that shorter hair was less fuss (for me, it isn't!). I wore what I know think was too much make up (foundation, bright green eyeshadow, blusher, etc.) I was still quite shy, but getting better.

Now (nearly 21): Animation student time! I think apart from my youngest stage here, I'm at my happiest and most content with life. I'm also starting to look a bit more like I did when I was younger (well, i think so anyway). Not much else to say =)

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  1. Man, why can't anyone have decent Teen years? Well, mine were alright, I guess I was just too engrossed in computer games to really care what people thought/said about me.