Monday, 11 April 2011

Gane Stages

Age 7: I was young, brash, and foolish. I liked Football. I also collected girly trinkets like necklaces and key rings (but fortunately never wore either)
This was the most confident I would ever be, to the point of cockiness. Fortunately, my pituitary gland soon snuffed out all the self esteem I had.

I also had a talking football sidekick. He was my umbro.

Age 13: Addiction to mmorpg legend of mir successfully vanquishes talking football, exercise and social life. Also, acne. Pale and dark haired due to lack of sun. Hair gelled in a desperate attempt to raise attractiveness. Then, Anime Phase.

Age 23: Cannot wear anything that isn't blue. Shoes replaced once every 3 years at the earliest.