Friday, 15 April 2011

Different types of Kat

Age 10:
 I was constantly hyper and wore pink sometimes. Oh dear. I also received my first ever copy of Pokémon blue which would be the only game I would end up playing non stop for a very long time. I was obsessed with Pokémon and often drew comics about going on adventures with my Pokémon buddies.

Age 15: Halfway through high school.. I was that awkward teenager and quite chubby. I felt self conscious and unhappy (with those generic moments of happiness inbetween) and was one of those teenagers that'd go straight home and sit on the computer for endless hours. I also discovered photoshop and it's joys as well as read manga and watched craploads of cartoons, ate lots of junk food and generally was waddling through life, hopelessly acting like a fool and writing really bad stories.

Age 18: Started Uni. Even though I had shed most of the fur and the fleas, I still had a bit of that puppy fat on me D: I didn't have the best choice in clothing and I learnt so much from moving away from home. However I didn't learn about better dress sense until about now really..

Age 20: This is me now. Still unusual, still like some of the things I did when I was younger and doing a course I love :D but I still act like a complete kid.. and I've started using rucksacks again. I definitely have better clothes sense than I did before. I also don't wear glasses anymore, which was a big thing for me. Also manage to shed most of the puppy fat. Thank goodness. Student lifestyle has served me well.


  1. Nice, I especially like how much 20 year old you looks like 21 year old you.
    It warms the concrete cockles of my heart to see how many people consider their time on this course to be their happiest in years

  2. Just don't start wearing your rucksack. There aren't any holes for your arms and legs!