Thursday, 22 November 2012

Theme 5 - Okami Kat

I thought about this one and as much as I really wanted to draw myself as a Pokémon trainer (I mean come on.. who wouldn't) I really wanted to try out the Okami style.

Definitely on my list of games that I've played the heck out of and enjoyed greatly, if you haven't played Okami already then what the heck is wrong with you? Get on it!

The visual style for the game is amazing with it's sumi-e art direction and the art of book is just fantastic. I was on my second play through a few years ago where I was collecting all 99 stray beads. Might revisit that.

Crammed apples in there, because I like apples.. and there's a paintbrush because well, I draw stuff. Oversized sleeves because I like my jumper sleeves like that. Sleepy blush-y look because I can.


  1. Oh fuck this is really nice

  2. What Tom said, haha seriously, nice job :D

  3. You are right who wouldn’t want to draw themselves as a Pokémon trainer. That would be so awesome. What is Okami? I feel like I am making a blasphemy when asking that. Your drawing looks wonderful.

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