Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Theme 5 - Guilt-ridden Dragonborn

Sorry that mines is horribly rushed! Mayhaps I will update it in the future.

Right, well, those that know me might have heard that I'm sort of playing a little game called Skyrim (nothing too heavy, y'know, dead casual... okay, so I'm nearing the 200 hour mark, judge me all you like).

And the thing is, there's quite a lot of times when I feel like a complete dick. A horrible, deplorable Nord. I put off quests that involve me killing innocents, or robbing the blacksmith that I like to smith at. I'm still getting over the end of the Dark Brotherhood Quest.

So here I am, bedecked in what is supposed to be my Thieves Guild Master armour, looking anxious and guilty.

Still, love this game. But I have waaaaay too much free time for it :P


  1. Haha, nice one. Aah, I always used to feel like that playing Fallout 3. You'd be wading through a sewer, and suddenly you'd come across some part that had been fully furnished. It was obviously someone's house, and then this guy, who had a name and everything, not just "Raider" comes round the corner, see's you standing in his living room with a gun in your hand and a greedy glint in your eye, so he pulls out a weapon and tries to defend his home. What do you do then? You kill him. It was that or be killed, right? There wasn't really a way round it... Poor guy...

  2. Aw man. Dark Brotherhood quest. I can imagine that it was a very morally challenging experience for you ;D This looks awesome, I can imagine you sitting down in a tavern after each quest pondering over the things you've just done. Or sharing your woes with your fellow guild members who are just like "It's... it's our job..."

  3. Oh what I totally missed this one. Well looks like I'm the party pooper for real.

  4. And the lot of you still haven't topped the fella who killed naught but villagers until lvl 20 . . .